Finding VENDING locations for 37 Years

I got into this business back in 1984 when I was working as an advertiser selling space in magazines.  I helped an individual out by installing and managing his honor boxes as I went along to my different account locations.  37 years have passed and I am still actively locating vending machines for both individual owners and large route operators. 

I lived in New Jersey all my life and have been in Central Florida for the past 7 years.  I frequently travel for locating work and stay very busy in California and the Northeast.  However, I have worked in just about every large city across the United States and usually more than once!  Seeing the country and interacting with local business owners is a part of my job that I truly love.

During the last 37 years, I have worked for many of the national locating companies.  When you hire a national company, they are subcontracting the job to an individual like myself who usually comes from out of town.  Since 1994, I have worked with Advanced Placement Services on this basis.

Past Experience

  • ATM Machines
  • Box Vending
  • Calling Card Displays
  • Honor Snack Boxes
  • Large Gumball Machines
  • Pay Phones
  • Sports Memorabilia Machines
  • Soda Snack Machines
  • Video Games
  • And MANY Others!

This Is A Big Decision

You have already made or are thinking about making a substantial investment in the vending business.  Ultimately, the entire success of that investment is dictated by the quality of locations that you secure.

If you consider all your locating options, then I'm confident that you'll select me for your vending locating project.


  • Seminole Snacks
  • RouteMaster Vending Machines
  • Advanced Placement Services
  • Challenger Locating
  • Gemini Vending
  • United Vending Services


"Howie started locating for Seminole in 1993.  Many of the original locations that he obtained are still active accounts.  To this day, Howie does excellent locating work for me here in the New York/New Jersey area."
Greg Weiss, Seminole Snacks
"Howie has been locating vending machines for my routes in Florida.  I've been extremely satisfied with his level of professionalism.  Most importantly, I'm happy with the quality locations that he consistently secures."
Roger Tipps, RouteMaster Vending Machines