Frequently ASKED Questions

Having been in the vending business for 37 years, I've worked with over 500 customers.  So I've got a pretty good feel for the typical questions that folks have.  If there's something I haven't covered here, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Why use a locating service?

Two reasons: One, if you don’t feel comfortable dealing face to face with the different location owners, then a locator can facilitate the placement of your machines for you.  And two, working with a locator can help you maximize your business’s profit potential.  To be successful in the vending business, you not only have to decide what kind of machines you want to install but also where are the most profitable locations in which to place them.  This is where my years of experience out in the field placing machines can help make your installations faster and more successful.  In this business, it’s oftentimes more about the location then the actual product in the machine.

Why use a personal locator over a telemarketer?

Both ways can be effective.  Telemarketing is a little cheaper; the total fee must be delivered with the contract, rather than a deposit with the field locating contract.  With telemarketing you often find locations that aren’t exactly what you had in mind.  When you chose to use a locator, they personally view the location and decide if it’s right for what you are vending.  They can get a feel for the foot traffic in the area and get an idea of the location's profitability. 

Telemarketers only call the businesses and get the ball rolling, sight unseen.  They give you the location, and you are then left to check it out, find a time when you and the decision maker of the location can meet to finalize the deal and lastly, install the machine.  This could take several days to a week to get just one location set up. 

As a personal locator, I will work with you to find the locations that are best for you and your type of vending machine.  I will go in to talk to the store owners/decision makers and set the deal up.  I will also install your equipment for you that day.  Again, the sooner you have a location and a machine in place, the sooner you start making money.

Can I accompany you when you locate my machines?

Absolutely.  This is your opportunity to learn from my years of experience.  With the economy in a recession, it is important to be able to handle all aspects of your business with little to no outside help.  You don’t want your financial future to depend on the labor of others.

When riding along, I will teach you the skills and techniques that I have learned from my many years in the business.  I will provide you ways to find those profitable locations and how to manage and maintain those accounts while growing your business.  If you really want to be your own boss, then working with a personal locator is the only way to learn the skills of a professional firsthand.  By knowing how to locate your own machines, you cut down on costs, which in turn increases your financial return.

Will I receive training?

Before I arrive at your site, I will review an action plan with you via telephone.  The actual training is hands on as you ride along with me on the installation of your machines.  When we are finished with your locations you should have acquired from me all the information you need to locate your own prime locations and manage those locations accordingly.  I will train you how to grow your business based on my many years of experience in the business.

What type of machines do you locate?

I locate all types from honor boxes to ATM and video games.  I specialize in bulk and snack machines.  If you have any questions about your type of machine, then please contact me and we can discuss your options.

What’s the cost?

The cost will vary by type of machine.  I encourage you to call me, so that I can work one on one with you and your business needs. When you work with an individual, you cut out the middleman and decrease installation costs.  The national location companies more times than not, subcontract out their personal location work to professionals like me and pass the extra cost onto you.  I am generally less than the national companies.

Is there a limit on the number of machines you will to locate?

I prefer jobs with more than 10 machines.  But if you are local to Florida, then I would be willing to discuss smaller projects.  On the high end, I have comfortably handled jobs around 200 machines per location session.  If you have a job larger than this, please gives me a call and we can discuss options.

Do you offer a discount for large jobs?

Yes, please call so we can discuss the details of your job.

Who pays for your travel/lodging expenses?

I take care of all my own costs involved with the job.

Do you offer packages that include equipment?

I do not sell equipment.  I am a vending location specialist.  I do not recommend companies that sell vending machines and locations services all in one.  This is my policy, because I do not want a conflict of interest.  I am here to help you find the most profitable locations for your machines.  I am not here to tell you where to buy your machines from or what kind of machines you should buy.  That is solely up to you and the type of business you want to run.  I would recommend that you take your time and call around.  Ask some questions and get informed before making any big decisions.

Will you transport my machines for me?

I am not insured to transport machines and displays.  I will usually be coming from out of town, so I ask that you rent a large van.  We can load the machines in, take them with us and install them as we go.  You can use your own vehicle, if it is large enough for the job.  I want to get you set up in your locations as soon as possible.  Because in this business, the sooner you have your machines installed, the sooner you start making money.

Do you put the machines together for me?

No.  ALL machines need to be fully assembled before I arrive or I will not begin the location process.  I will not start a job until all machines are assembled.  I recommend that you put a few together to get a feel for how long it will take you and budget accordingly.

What is your relocation policy?  Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I offer a Guarantee.  I will relocate up to 20% of non-performing machines for free or an unlimited number of redo's for ½ price.

As you ride along with me, I will also be training you on ways to improve sales and the things you should try before you even think of relocating a machine.  By giving you these skills, you will be able to adjust your product to increase sales or relocate your own machines, if the need should arise.

When can you start securing my vending machine locations?

Depending on the season, I usually book one to two weeks out after I receive your signed contract back and the deposit.

What forms of payment do you except?

The deposit can be a check, but the balance needs to be paid in full at the end of the job in cash or certified check.

What's your deposit policy?

I require ½ up front and balance due at completion of installations.