CONTACT Information

One of the main advantages of hiring me is getting direct access to your vending locator.   I have been working with people like yourself for 37 years.  I'm happy to address all your questions or concerns, as well as make sure that you are prepared prior to starting your project. 

I'm located in Central Florida in what's known as the Space Coast, only miles away from Cape Canaveral.  So please no phone calls after 10 PM EST.  Also, email is a great way to contact me, and I check those every morning.   

Contact Info

Space Coast Locators
3830 S Highway A1A, #4-119
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

Phone: (321) 327-8299

Phone Hours: 7 days, 8 AM to 10 PM


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 Take Control of Your Vending Business

If you have vending machines sitting in your garage, then you obviously aren't making any money on your investment.

When you hire me, you will learn a valuable skill set that will pay dividends long into the future.  You will be able to replace your own locations or expand your business with additional machines without having to pay a locator.