The IMPORTANCE Of Working With A Charity

It is a good idea to participate in a vending outreach program.  Business owners show more acceptance when a charity sticker is on the machine.   You will achieve a greater degree of credibility and many more quality locations when you help a worthy cause through your vending efforts!

A smart place to start is with your local charities that are involved with your community.  The local police or fire stations also are good causes to support.  If you don’t have any local charities you can use, take a look at the list of charities below.  A typical commitment is one to two dollars a month, per machine.  The charities can mail you out their sticker that will be placed on the machine.  The sticker says that a portion of the proceeds of the vending machine go to benefit that particular charity.  The charity generally takes a flat fee per month per machine. 

Working with a charity is appealing to your customers, and it helps support a great cause.   Working with a charity is completely up to the individual.  I do not receive any compensation from the charity. 


  • Child Quest International
    (408) 287-4673
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to missing, abused and exploited children.
  • National Children’s Cancer Society
    (314) 241-1550
    A nonprofit organization that helps children with cancer and their families.
  • Make-A- Wish Foundation
    (800) 722-9474
    Granting the wishes for children with life threatening illnesses.
  • Missing & Exploited Children
    (800) 741-7233
    A private, nonprofit organization to help prevent child abduction and sexual exploitation.
  • Vanished Children's Alliance
    (800) 826-4742
    A national nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting all children from disappearing.

Health Related

  • American Lung Association
    (212) 315-8700
    The oldest voluntary health organization in the United States for lung health.
  • Carolina Hair Foundation
    (704) 623-5440
    A charity that provides hair for cancer patients throughout their recovery.
  • Hugs Not Drugs
    (561) 585-7771
    Family Life International Inc.'s drug
    prevention program for healthy families.
  • National Federation for the Blind 
    (410) 659-9314
    The largest and most influential membership organization of blind people in the United States.
  • National Parkinson Foundation
    (800) 327-4545
    The largest and oldest national Parkinson foundation in the United States.


  • D.A.R.E. America
    (800) 223-DARE
    Program that gives kids the skills they need to avoid involvement in drugs, gangs and violence.
  • Help for Women
    (770) 399-8810
    A nonprofit organization for battered and homeless women with children in crisis.
  • Humane Society
    (202) 452-1100
    The nation's largest animal protection organization with more than ten million members and constituents.
  • Ronald McDonald Charities
    (630) 623-7048
    Allows families to face the weight of illness together and in close proximity to the treatment hospital.
  • Salvation Army
    (800) 725-2769
    Their focus is work beneficial to society or the community of mankind as a whole.